Door Fail Compilation

A door doesn’t look funny. If you don’t pay attention, a lot of funny stuff could happen. See yourself and have fun :). Read more »

100 Sake Bomb Dominoes

What a nice domino game. Just place one hundred sake bombs and impress your guests and all people watching this video :). Read more »

The Gunpowder Golf Shot

A bunch of professional golfers are trying to hit a ball in barrel. So what? What’s the big deal you will think, but see for yourself. 🙂

Read more »

The Art of FLIGHT – The Metal Trailer

Brain Farm is using an arsenal of the most advanced and progressive film making technology to bring the masses a snowboarding adventure of epic proportions. 🙂

Travis Rice, John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, DCP, Mark McMorris and Pat Moore are showing moves and locations no one would ever think of trying to snowboard. This is a must see video. Don’t forget to watch it full screen!! Read more »

Britain’s Got Talent 2011 – Robbie Firmin

Robbie a sweet young 7 year old boy gives his mum the best birthday present ever! His singing talent and his charming character are unique and special. Read more »

Fail Compilation July 2011

Long video of things going really wrong :). Watch a compilation for the July 2011 and have fun. Read more »

The Mp3 Experiment Eight

Over 3500 people are getting instructions form a downloaded mp3 file. All people are listening the file at the same time and following the orders they get. Very interesting to see how people react which are not included in this experiment. Trying a flash mob not the usual way. Read more »

Soggy Flappy Faces in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

Slow Motion! You will see the world different. 2000fps (80 times slower than real-time) show the real face of Gav and Dan :). Read more »

SEAT Girls 2011

A new video of the nice looking seat girls was released. This year they show how interesting beach games are. Enjoy and have fun. Read more »

Britain’s Got Talent 2011 – Jai McDowall

Jai McDowall has a dream to perform singing for a big audience. Who would imagine hearing this kind of a stunning, powerful, emotional and moving voice. Read more »

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