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Some Awesome People That I Used To Know – MeTheOne

Amazing people show there amazing skills. The people are awesome and gifted. Each one has a talent and is showing spectacular moves, jumps and tricks. They will find friends all over the world 🙂

World’s Greatest Drag Race!

Eleven of the most powerful cars in the world are racing to see which car is the fastest one. So guess or watch the video and be surprised. Have fun.

The Gunpowder Golf Shot

A bunch of professional golfers are trying to hit a ball in barrel. So what? What’s the big deal you will think, but see for yourself. 🙂

SEAT Girls 2011

A new video of the nice looking seat girls was released. This year they show how interesting beach games are. Enjoy and have fun.

Drift Girls Slovakia 2011

Amazing drifts, fantastic slides and a lot of action!!! A must see for every racing car fan.

Across the City

This video is showing young and very talented parkour artists. They are doing fantastic moves and jumps…. Never forget. They are training every day and know about the risks so don’t try it alone.

Blob Jump Official Guinness World Record

On June 24th 2011 they did a new world record blob jump. So far it was the highest blob jump ever. Guinness approved it officially. We will see how long the record will stand up before someone crazy can top this.

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