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Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake – History Of Rap 4

We can’t! We couldn’t! We shouldn’t! We wouldn’t! Ok, Ok! This is the last time until the next time we do this!!! Great performance. Enjoy the show 🙂

Some Awesome People That I Used To Know – MeTheOne

Amazing people show there amazing skills. The people are awesome and gifted. Each one has a talent and is showing spectacular moves, jumps and tricks. They will find friends all over the world 🙂

Will Smith and Gary Barlow Do ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Rap

On the The Graham Norton Show on BBC One Will Smith and Gary Barlow are performing one of the most famous classic songs in tv history :). The intro of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Everbody knows it and everybody rember one of the best comedy series. So take a look and enjoy this funny […]

Dreamland by Wootson TV

Dreamland is a new music dance trance video presented by WootsonTV. His goal is always the combination of good music with nice looking models. So have fun and enjoy the music.

Carlsberg stunts with bikers in cinema

You want to spend a nice evening in a movie theatre. Your girlfriend is excited to see the newest chick flick movie. So you buy your popcorn and beer. Inside you still hope to see the newest action movie, but its too late. The theatre is really full, only two seats left. But wait a […]

World’s Greatest Drag Race!

Eleven of the most powerful cars in the world are racing to see which car is the fastest one. So guess or watch the video and be surprised. Have fun.

Dangerous Game

It is always easy to laugh sitting behind the hidden camera and watch people get fooled. This blind couple tries everything to finish their game, it doesn’t matter how dangerous it is :).

The Red Willow Supercell by Stephen Locke

Fantastic movie about one of the most impressive nature phenomenons. Check out this amazing thunderstorm and enjoy watching one lightning after the other.

Guitar Baby!

This young little baby is really a great talent. Jimi Hendrix would be proud :).

Britain’s Got Talent 2011 – Out Of The Blue

Out of the Blue is a group of young students form Oxford. They are confident to win the show and have prepared a very special and funny act. Their specialty is performing without any instrument.

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